You must ensure that you have read the following guidance before attending a training session:

BEFORE you leave home for the training session

Please do NOT attend a training session if you are feeling unwell and/or you are displaying Covid- 19 symptoms, or if you are self isolating due to a household member testing positive, or have been told to self isolate via the track and trace system.

Please do not attend a training session unless you have booked a place via the 3 Counties Snowsports website.

For children athletes (ie below 18) they must be accompanied by ONE parent / guardian ONLY, and that parent / guardian must stay as a spectator for the entire session. For adult athletes, they can be accompanied by their partner or ONE adult from their family, and preferably that person stays as a spectator.

We have been informed by the Sports Park that toilet facilities will be available, although you will need to follow the one-way system and enter by the main entrance into the Gosling reception area.

All those attending should be familiar with the Club’s Covid-19 Action Plan to ensure that we remain operating in a Covid Secure Environment.


Hand sanitiser. There may not be any hand washing facilities at the Ski Centre, so we advise you bring an appropriate hand sanitiser.

Face Masks. Face masks are advisable, but not compulsory outside at the ski centre. If you enter any of the sports buildings or ski huts at the Ski Centre, face masks must be worn. Face masks can be worn during training by athletes if they prefer.

Water. There may not be anywhere on site to buy water or refreshments.


Arrival – Please arrive within a 10 mins time range of the start of the session. Please park in the usual car park nearest to the Ski Centre. Please register your attendance at the Gosling Ski Centre on arrival.

During the session – Please respect the social distancing rules, as per government guidance at the time:

Athletes will be organised into groups of up to 15 plus a coach, and will stay in those groups for the whole session. Athletes will be required to maintain social distancing during the session. Please follow signs or social distanced markers at the facility.

Departure – at the end of the session, children athletes should return directly to their parent / guardian and then leave the Ski Centre via the car park in the usual way.

PLEASE NOTE – if we feel that anyone attending a session is not adhering to these procedures or is not adhering to government / SSE guidance for Covid-19, the club has the authority during a session to ask them to leave the site. Whilst the Ski Centre is closed, it is the club’s responsibility for running the ski facility and the training session.

We recommend that all athletes and those attending are familiar with the most recent SSE guidelines for athletes:

Club Disclaimer

Adventurous Activities (including but not limited to skiing, ski racing, tubing and snowboarding) are dangerous sports with inherent risks and risk of potentially serious injuries which you must acknowledge and accept.

The club has public liability insurance cover with Snowsport England, however there is no insurance cover for personal accident. Should you have an accident, of any description whatsoever whilst taking part in any adventurous activity with us, you will not be insured through the club. If you wish to be insured you must obtain your own personal accident and injury insurance BEFORE taking part in any activity.

You accept that you, or anybody acting on your behalf (to include your relatives and/or your beneficiaries), will not make or attempt to make any claim against us should accident, injury or death occur.

We accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage caused to persons or possessions whilst on the Gosling Sports Park, to include the car park and other facility areas.